1. The electrical must be completed and available at the time of installation. If the electrical is not completed prior to installation our technicians will not be able to test the sauna. Additional charges will apply if electrical is not completed and technicians are not able to test the sauna at the time of installation.
  2. The area for installation must be accessible. For locations that are being renovated, or are under construction the area must be complete and other trades must be done with their work prior to installation. If our installers are not able to access the location additional charges will apply for a failed visit. If you are using a General Contractor or are in the process of remodeling please read our additional document
  3. Outdoor models must have a solid surface that is level (preferably concrete). Saunas that are installed on decks or outdoor buildings may require additional services that are not included in the installation pricing. Wiring must be complete prior to installation.
  4. Installation of tie-down straps for Outdoor models is not included in the installation price.
  5. The scheduling process is decentralized meaning that our technicians manage their own schedules. This means that your preferred dates are not guaranteed and may not be available. We do not communicate a date until we have confirmed a technician. You will receive a call prior to installation but if you have not received a call this means that we do not have a date yet. We provide updates through text message. Some areas require additional time to schedule based on location and technician availability.
  6. Technicians are not permitted to take payments. Installation of peripheral upgrades must be arranged prior to the installation. All questions about payments must be directed to orders@153install.com
  7. There must be an adult (18+) on site during installation. The homeowner or their designee must be available to answer questions and confirm the location for installation. Our technicians are not permitted to be in a customers home without a homeowner or designee (adult) present. If our technicians must reschedule because there is no one available additional charges will apply.
  8. Your sauna comes on a pallet with wood panel (Oriented Strand Board or Plywood) sides. Purchasing debris removal does not include the pallet and wood panels. Our technicians do not always have the proper vehicle to remove these items. We recommend you contact your local trash service to find out if they accept these items. Sometimes you are able to give these items away but please remember we do not take these as a part of the debris removal service.