If you are installing a new sauna during new construction or during a remodel please read this carefully.

  1. The area must be clear and free of other trades prior to scheduling installation. If our technicians arrive and are not able to complete the installation due to site conditions or the presence of other trades, additional charges will apply.
  2. If the General Contractor is serving as your designee they must be authorized to make decisions on your behalf. We are not responsible for making post-installation changes to the location of the sauna.
  3. Built-ins must allow room for sauna installation, this includes clearance around the sauna. For more information, please contact your Clearlight Sales Representative. If we are not able to complete the installation because the built-in area does not accommodate the sauna, our technicians are not permitted to assist or make changes to the area. Additional charges will apply for a failed visit.
  4. Our stair carry service does not include rigging, hoisting, or other specialized equipment. Homeowner or General Contractor is responsible for ensuring that the sauna will fit in the staircase.
  5. If there is an issue on site during installation, it is your responsibility to ensure that the sauna is installed in the location of your choosing.
  6. Request for Certificates of Insurance may require additional charges and could delay the scheduling process.