1.How do I pay for my installation?

You must first go to the Purchase Install page, click on the Sauna you ordered, select the appropriate options and click the “add to cart” button. Once on the Cart page, you can click “Proceed to checkout”. The checkout page is where you will supply your name, address, contact and other additional information. Payment options include Credit Card, PayPal and/or Crypto Currency payments as listed on the checkout page. 

2. I need to know a little more about your company, who are you?

153 Install is a service of The 153 Group, a nationwide white glove delivery provider that manages a network of home delivery terminals as well as providing large complex installations. Our customers include several well-known national brands. In addition, our Executive team has over Fifty years of experience managing white glove deliveries and assemblies. We are fully insured and bonded. You are welcome to email us for those who would like a return call, please allow 24-72 hours for calls to be returned. 

3. My sauna was delivered to my garage, will you move it inside?

Our basic installation charge is for the assembly only. Additional options can be selected for carrying the sauna from where the sauna was delivered to the installation location, stair carry based on the number of steps, and trash removal. (which does not include the removal of the OSB or Pallet)

4. Why shouldn’t I scheduled on the same day?

We need time to process your order and assign a technician to do the installation. Our site allows you to enter the date of your sauna arrival and then enter dates you would like to have it installed, but these dates are NOT a guaranteed. However, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please provide us with two dates; a suggested install date, and a 2nd suggested install date. You should receive a confirmation email that contains verification of the product you selected for installation. 

5. What do I need to do before installation?

Please be sure that the room or area selected for your sauna installation is clean and clear so that the technician will have ample room to complete the installation. Our technicians will not do wiring (external to the sauna) nor are they expected to move items to make room for the sauna. Please make sure that you have the correct electrical and if you have ordered an Outdoor model, the substrate (surface) MUST BE LEVEL. We are not responsible for leveling the surface but will place shims for small adjustments for indoor models. IMPORTANT! Check the information provided by Clearlight for the correct electrical hook-up.

6. Why do I need to pay before installation?

Payment for the installation and desired services has to be made to complete the process. If payment is not completed the order will not be able to be submitted. There is a cost associated with scheduling a technician and this ensures that we can schedule your installation on or near the date you suggested. Suggesting a date does not ensure scheduling on that date.

7. Are you affiliated with Clearlight Infrared Saunas?

We are the Exclusive North American Authorized Installer for Clearlight InfraredĀ® branded infrared saunas  However, we are a separate company that provides transportation logistics, nationwide white glove delivery, and installation. 

8. Are your installers experienced?

Yes, they are experienced. However, please understand that our installers have expertise in assembly and disassembly of lots of different kinds of products. This does not mean, nor can we guarantee, that they have assembled the exact model that you have purchased. There are very few installers that are experienced with every single product and model, and it is highly likely that finding someone with that level of experience will take a considerable amount of effort on your part (and likely be much more expensive). We do however stand behind our work and will do everything necessary to ensure that your sauna is installed correctly and that it works properly before we leave your home. 

9.The installer had to look at the manual! Is this a service failure?

Our installers may refer to the manual, this is not a “service failure”. Remember pilots fly the same plane most every day and they refer to the manual constantly. Our Techs will refer to the manual to ensure that they are installing your sauna correctly. This does not mean that they lack “know-how” it simply means that they want to ensure that they are completing all of the steps necessary. We do not offer refunds simply because the installer referred to the installation instructions. If, however, the sauna is not fully functional or was improperly installed we will do our very best to make certain this is corrected. 

10. I have a sauna from another company, will you install it?

Unfortunately, no we will not.  Clearlight InfraredĀ® branded infrared saunas  and our company have spent considerable time ensuring that our technicians are properly trained and we have provided competitive pricing for installation based on our understanding of the installation required of the superior products offered by Clearlight InfraredĀ® saunas.

11. Are there additional charges or fees?

Prices shown are for the basic assembly but added services can be selected and are priced accordingly. This allows you to customize the services you want and need. Pricing is based on major metropolitan areas. Areas that are remote or outside of major metropolitan areas and do not have local coverage may incur additional travel fees. If you would like to find out if your area is covered by a local technician, please submit a support ticket. Alternatively, you are welcome to look for a local handyman or installation company as our pricing may be higher than anticipated. Occasionally, local technicians are unavailable due to other installation orders. We occasionally offer to send technicians that are available but may be traveling some distance. We offer this as a service, you are not obligated to accept the additional cost, but will need to wait until a local technician is available. NOTE: If you have a scheduled appointment and fail to cancel within 48 hours a fee for services ordered and not used may apply.

Customers in Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada are subject to a surcharge and should submit a support ticket for more information. 

12. Safety and Security

For your safety and security, Technicians will have ID cards for verification and all technicians will have had a background screen.  Technicians are required to wear shoe protection during installation.  For more information or to verify a technician please email us.

13. Do you do wiring?

As a part of our installation services, no. However, we do have electricians available in our network. Our pricing for an electrician is likely much higher than you would pay a local electrician. We highly recommend you contact a local company. If you would like a quote for our electricians please submit a support ticket.

14. How do I contact you?

We are available via email, online chat, and phone by appointment only (see Schedule a call for appointment days and times). Please understand that we have done our best to provide you with all of the details necessary in order to place a scheduling request with our company.